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1l – Biser Oil

4.750l – Biser Oil

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10l – Biser Oil

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  • Raw

    Raw sunflower oil that comes in our factory is pressed from whole grain sunflower. The raw material we use are from of constant suppliers which guarantee the quality and safety of raw material.

  • Processing

    Processing of raw materials and obtainingoil of the BISER oil is consists of several steps :
    degumiranje, neutralization, drying and bleaching, vinterizatsiјa and deodorizatsiјa.

  • Technology

    The technology of preparation of crude oil consist of pressing the sunflower seed wherein the feedstock is obtained, which we treat on, in ready oil for eating 100 % sunflower.
    In processing of the Oil we use machines and equipment from reputable companies such as Alfa Laval Sweden, Kerting Germany, Bedzhan turkey and other .

  • Quality

    The quality of the oil is checked in our propulsion laboratory, daily by our experts – technologists. Also the quality of the oil BISER is confirmed by authorized and accredited laboratories.

  • Final product

    Filling the oil is carried out by machines. From the machine get out filled bottles with oil which are packed and carried in store storage. Al - Maks has its own machines for production of PET bottles, in which is filled our product.