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Towards the end of the year 1998 the Oil refinery “AL-MAKS” DOO was constructed in an area of 10.000 m2 and it commenced its operation and since then our product is sold in and outside of the Republic of North Macedonia

The sunflower oil refinery “AL-MAKS” DOO from Strumica has 90 employees, including a team of high-quality engineers, technicians and engineers technologists and together with the advanced technology which is applied, the high-quality of the sunflower oil “BISER” is guaranteed, which rightly bears the epithet “No.#1 oil in the Republic of North Macedonia – manufactured at the oil refinery “AL-MAKS” DOO from Strumica.

Manufacturing technology

The “AL-MAKS” DOO sunflower oil refinery was constructed with cutting-edge technology which includes equipment and machines from the renowned manufacturers “ALFA LAVAL” from the Republic of Sweden and “KERTING”, from the Republic of North Macedonia.

Refining the raw material

For us, the refining from a raw material to a 100% refined high-quality sunflower oil entails improving the quality of the refined oil to meet the requirements of the consumers in terms of taste, smell, color and shelf life.

Daily capacity

In accordance with the daily capacity of 100 tons the “AL-MAKS” DOO refinery has over 500 tons from the ready-made product at its disposal, of cooking oil from the brand “BISER”, in the warehouses which are for shipment of our product to the end consumers.



The “AL-MAKS” DOO sunflower oil refinery is the only manufacturer of high-quality 100% sunflower oil from the brand “BISER”, which is packaged in several different sizes, namely: a package of 850ml, 905ml, 1 l, 4.750ml, 5 l and 10 l, packaged in thermofoil.

The “AL-MAKS” DOO sunflower oil refinery has more than 2500 commercial partners in and outside of the Republic of North Macedonia, including the Republic of Kosovo, Republic of Albania, Republic of Bulgaria, and the Republic of Serbia.

The “AL-MAKS” DOO sunflower oil refinery works with a capacity of 90 – 100 tons in 24 hours of high-quality refined sunflower oil.

Сончогледово масло Бисер - 850 мл
Biser 850ml
Сончогледово масло Бисер - 850 мл
Biser 905ml
Сончогледово масло Бисер - 4750 мл
Biser 4750ml
Сончогледово масло Бисер - 5л
Biser 5l
Сончогледово масло Бисер - 10л
Biser 10l

Branding of
your product

Our production includes opportunities for manufacture, packaging and shipment of products with your label.
We are committed to implementing the clauses of ISO 9001, HACCP and ISO 14001 quality standards, "AL-MAKS" DOO sunflower oil refinery Strumica, i.e., the management team led by the manager of the company has assumed an even greater responsibility to ensure the quality of their product, to the general satisfaction of the final consumer, the employees of the company and the other associates and for the protection of the environment
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